Babydreams is an exclusive boutique specializing in unique baby gifts from the heart. We are located on the main strip of downtown Highland Park surrounded by restaurants, entertainment, and local boutiques. (Visit to learn more about our family-friendly community.) Babydreams offers a fun and welcoming environment…where children are invited to play while their “companions” shop. We are proud to also support local artists, showcasing their talents through the seasons. The gifts themselves as well as the presentation are aimed to impress. Your experience shopping at Babydreams will bring you back time and time again. We love what we do!


Our specialty is baby gifts from newborn up to 24 months. Give a gift that wows with just the right combination of clothing, room décor, toys, books, and many other creative ideas. We know parents and grandparents have varying and even contrary taste and we can accomodate you all. We are always up to the challenge and will work hard to find the idea that hits the mark. Contact us to learn more about the best way for you to join the Babydreams family.